About 600,000 cruise tourists currently visit Curaçao annually, an increase from under 300,000 visitors back in 2001. Over the past 3 years Curaҫao saw an annual growth rate of 18%, making the island one of the fastest growing cruise destinations in the Caribbean, giving our tourism industry a tremendous boost. As the island develops its second Mega Pier, increasing its capacity to handle more and larger vessels calling on Willemstad, the port authority envisions a gradual increase in visitors over the next couple of years.

The growth of our cruise tourism will continue to benefit Curaçao’s economic development by adding to the vibrant atmosphere of downtown, boosting retail sales, handicrafts and the number of excursionists touring the island.

Currently cruise ships dock at either the Mega Pier Cruise facility or the Otrabanda wharves located in the St. Anna Bay inlet. Both locations can handle full services for the ships.