Nautical Assistance

To ensure safe port operations and harbor traffic, the ports of Curaçao manage their own nautical assistance services and traffic control. The Vessel Traffic Control Center (VTCC), also referred to as Fort Nassau, plans and coordinates all vessel traffic within the ports. No vessel can enter any of the ports of Curaçao without the VTCC’s permission, guidance and assistance. READ MORE

The Curaçao Pilots Organization (CPO) offers its expertise, ensuring order and safety in the ports of Curaçao. Ongoing training and simulations guarantee that the pilots stay on top of new developments in their field. CPO gives nautical advice and guidance to specific and high-risk operations such as unusual maneuvers and mooring options, transport of specialized and hazardous cargo, ship-to-ship and off-shore activities. Pilotage is compulsory for ships larger than 50 GT. READ MORE

KTK Tugs offers in harbor, coastal and ocean towage services with a state of the art fleet of tugboats and highly trained personnel. The company offers tug assistance and other services as salvage, emergency response, barge and pontoon transportation across the Caribbean and the Americas. For a good reason the KTK Tugs slogan states: “Strong and Reliable.” READ MORE