Yachting is popular in the Caribbean, and its unique, sheltered location, makes Curaçao a very attractive yachting destination. Furthermore, Curaçao offers all services needed by yacht-travelers, including a wide range of auxiliary facilities such as sea rescue services, hauling out and dry storage, provisioning and shopping, medical facilities, and many more.

Most yachts visiting Curaçao, anchor in the large, safe and naturally sheltered Spanish Water Bay. The bay area offers many facilities and other conveniences. Curaçao furthermore offers excellent boatyard facilities.

Yachts are permitted to stay for a maximum of six months, unless registered in Curaçao. Upon arrival, the captain must present valid papers at the harbor office and must then proceed to register all passengers at the Immigration Office. At the Customs Office, a duty of 11.5% of the cif-value of imported goods, as well as, an additional 2% sales tax must be paid. Restricted goods, such as firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc. must be declared. Customs Officers will pick up the restricted goods at the yacht and take them into custody for the length of stay. Upon checking out, they will be delivered back to the boat.