Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA), a limited liability company, is the coordinating force behind port operations. Its responsibilities include among others ensuring safety and security, access coordination, port maintenance and development and the management of the Emma Bridge and Ferries. Furthermore, CPA has two subsidiaries:  KTK Tugs and Curaçao Pilots Organization (CPO), and also a joint venture, Dutch Caribbean Training Center with Dutch Regional Training Center in Flushing (Vlissingen), The Netherlands, called De Ruyter Training & Consultancy Curaçao (DRTC).


Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA)

Since 1981, CPA, a limited liability company whose main shareholder is the island government of Curaçao, has managed all of Curaçao’s ports. CPA owns the container and cruise terminal, most of the wharves and properties adjacent to the harbor, which are leased to private operators. Curaçao Ports Authority also coordinates pilotage and regulates all vessel movements in the ports. Moreover, CPA is responsible for commercial development of the ports and for overseas promotion.  All harbor services are provided by ISO-certified companies. The port authority (CPA), KTK Tugs, Stevedoring Company (CPS), Drydock company (CDM) and the port agents, are all registered ISO-certified service providers. Furthermore, as of July 1, 2004, the Port of Willemstad offers facilities in compliance with the International Ships & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code of International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Company Executives:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Humberto de Castro
  • Chief Commercial Officer: Mr. Raul Manotas
  • Chief Operations Officer: Mr. Albert Zwueste

Board of Supervisory Directors:

CPA has a Board of Supervisory Directors whose task it is to supervise the policy pursued by the Managing Board, the Managing Board’s performance of its managerial duties and the company’s general course of affairs. The profiles of the Board of Supervisory Directors can be found at the following link: Profiles of the Board of Supervisory Directors.


Kompania di Tou Korsou (KTK Tugs)

logo@2xKTK (Kompania di Tou Kòrsou) Tug Company, a subsidiary of CPA, is responsible for tug assistance in the Port of Willemstad, Caracas Bay, St. Michiel’s Bay, Fuik Bay and Bullen Bay.  KTK Tugs is ISO-certified and an active member of BIMCO, the International Salvage Union and the International Tug and Salvage Organization. Ever since the company started performing jobs in international waters a few years back, its success has grown exponentially, transforming it into the most successful CPA subsidiary to date. This growth is expected to continue as the company adds to its growing fleet enabling it to meet the high demand for its services. The safe, reliable and modern image accompanied by its skilled team of professionals, has earned the company many kudos amongst its peers in the sector. Combined with several key alliances throughout the region; KTK Tugs is set for success. For more information visit

Company Executive:

  • Managing Director: Mr. Surldric Rojer


Curaçao Pilots Organization (CPO)

cpoThe Curaçao Pilots Organization Ltd. was established on April 26, 2001, with the objective of establishing and operating an independent pilots company while maintaining order and safety in the ports of Curaçao. This limited liability company, which is a subsidiary of CPA, became operational as of September 1, 2001.  On-going training and simulations guarantee that the pilots stay on top of new developments in their field. In addition to pilotage, the company also administers the Harbor Safety Inspection (HVI) department, which takes care of all inspections and licenses throughout the ports of Curaçao. At the CPO offices one can obtain the licenses and permits required for private vessels and purchase maps of the territorial waters of Curaçao. The Vessel Traffic Control Center (VTCC), regulates all maritime traffic in the harbor 24 hours a day. Operations consist of guiding the shipping traffic smoothly and safely into the harbors of Curaçao.  The services of tugboats, pilot boats and other teams that moor ships are coordinated with utmost efficiency. Vessels are registered on the automated Vessel Traffic Registration and Information System (VTRIS), which contains updated information about vessels, flag, country, owner, and port agent as well as all vessel moves. Automatic invoicing software efficiently handles all billing with utmost accuracy for total customer satisfaction. Last but not least, CPO also oversees the team that operates our iconic bridges and ferries in the Port of Willemstad.

Company Executives:

  • Managing Director: Mr. Humberto de Castro
  • Harbor Master: Mr. Marlon La Roche


De Ruyter Training & Consultancy Curaçao (DRTC)

deruijterDe Ruyter Training & Consultancy Curaçao (DRTC) provides training for the maritime & offshore industry and the logistics & transportation industry on safety and security. Courses are given in close cooperation with de Ruyter Training Center & Consultancy Vlissingen in the Netherlands, the Curacao Fire  Department, the Red Cross and the Maritime Training Institute in Jamaica.

DRTC is a member of the Caribbean Shipping Association and of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean. DRTC Curaçao is known for its training on locations both offshore and onshore. The organization is located on a unique training site at which various practical training and education programs can be provided.

DRTC Curaçao is also well known for providing both practical and theoretical training for non-maritime professionals. DRTC Curaçao works with professional, specialized and highly qualified instructors. Courses are provided in various languages including: Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu. For more information visit

Company Executive:

  • General Manager: Mr. Johan Stegmeijer