Curaçao Ports Authority honored with AAPA Lighthouse award

Published on October 20, 2021

CPA was honored with an American Association of Port Authorities Lighthouse award in connection with its Sint Annabay Master Plan and implementation.

The Master Plan covers several areas under CPA administration. These areas include Scharloo, Kleine Wharfs and Otrobanda’s Mathey Wharf. The commercial maritime role these properties fulfilled in the past resulted in a pattern land use common in waterfronts worldwide; communities and neighborhoods developed away and disconnected from the water’s edge.

Renewal of portions of the St. Anna Bay waterfront hold promise to reverse this traditional arrangement, opening Scharloo, Otrobanda and Punda districts directly back onto the water’s edge.

The full realization of the vision for St. Anna Bay is a long-range endeavor, with each investment building a foundation for the next phase. The Wharf project at Kleine Wharf represents the first phase of the masterplan implementation. In the end, the Curaҫao Ports Authority seeks to put the waterfront to work for Curaҫao. Working to bring vibrancy and renewal to downtown. Working to reignite underutilized properties into economic activity. Working to create great places for the enjoyment of current and future generations.