Minister Rob Jetten visits CPA

Published on May 21, 2023

Minister Rob Jetten of Climate and Energy of the Netherlands visited Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) as part of his visit to strengthen cooperation in the Caribbean region.
During his visit to CPA, Minister Jetten and his delegation received a presentation from the management of CPA in the presence of the Supervisory Board and also the director of Kompania di Tou Kòrsou (KTK).
In the presentation, as part of its ISO 14001 certification, CPA elaborated on its plans to manage the impact of its activities on the environment, including the study of the climate impact on our port that CPA commissioned early this year and the report is available to everyone. CPA also provided information on its plans to make the Emma Bridge and ferries electric. KTK also reported on the research it is currently commissioning with Damen Shipyard as a pilot project in the region for an E-tug.
After the presentation, a tour of the port took place where Minister Jetten and his delegation had the opportunity to see what our port has to offer and also the projects in the pipeline.
The purpose of Minister Jetten’s visit to CPA was precisely to be able to talk about the added value that CPA has within the project for sustainable energy in Curaçao.