Port Development

The Curaҫao Ports Authority (CPA) develops and operates all ports in Curaçao, including acquisition and exploitation of terrains adjacent to the harbor, thereby contributing to the island’s economic development, tourism, and cruise tourism in particular. It provides quality nautical services, ensures safety and security in the ports, and operates in an environmentally responsible manner.

CPA is currently working on many diverse projects in and surrounding our main harbor, the Port of Willemstad. To meet the demands of the growing cruise tourism sector, CPA is working on the development of a second Mega Cruise Ship Pier and the Rif Seaport Village through the Rif Seaport Curaçao Master Plan. The vision is to offer our cruise guests a vibrant welcome, Curaҫao style, while also providing the needed infrastructure for an enjoyable visit.

Another large project that CPA is working on is the development of the St. Anna Bay and the adjacent lagoon of Waaigat. The Master Plan for this area includes a combination of further development of the industrial, maritime and tourism sectors as well as the development of a new marina, residential and recreational areas.