Workshop and lecture “Climate change, the consequences for the ports of Curaçao”

Published on January 24, 2023

Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) has completed a study for a strategy to cope with the consequences of climate change for the ports of Curaçao.

In connection with this, CPA invited about 40 port stakeholders for two half mornings on Wednesday and Thursday November 9th and 10th in the conference room at the Renaissance hotel to give their input in an assessment about situation in the ports of Curaçao. This workshop was presented by experts of EcoVision, Climate Adaptation Services and the Meteorological department of Curaçao.

On Thursday November 10th, experts of the Dutch foundation Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) presented a lecture about this study in the auditorium van de University of Curaçao and Pédzi Girigori of the Meteorological Department Curaçao talked about the Curaçao Climate Change Platform (CCCP) that has been established in 2022, and about the activities that this platform organizes.

To read the report please click the following link